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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Medicinal Uses or Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera – Drumstick

A very common tree widely grown across India. All the parts of this tree is useful either as nutritional or Medicinal purpose. This tree has small leaves, white flowers and seed pods which are long, slender and triangular resembling drumsticks so this tree is also known as Drumsticks in English. In Hindi it is known as Sahjan or Munga. In Tamil, known as Murungai and in Malayalam known as Murunga. For cooking, usually leaves, flowers and Pods are used. They possess miraculous Health Benefits. Bark and Roots are used in traditional medicines.

Leaves :
Leaves can be cooked same as like Spinach and taken along with meals. Leaves are helpful in treating Vatham and Kapha problems.
Leaves contain : 
  • 4 times more Vitamin A than Carrot
  • 4 times more Calcium than Milk
  • 2 times more Iron than Spinach
  • 7 Times more Vitamin C than Oranges
  • 3 times more Potassium than Banana
  • 2 Times more protein than Eggs and Yogurt
Leaves are also rich in copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, and magnesium,folates, vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine), thiamin (vitamin B-1), riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin. It contains 0% cholesterol.
It gives following health benefits :

  1. Very helpful in management of Cardiac diseases. It contains 0% cholesterol and also beneficial for patients suffering from Hypertention.
  2. Taking leaves regularly as a part of diet reduces chances of cancer to 80%. It is also recommended as a diet of Cancer patients for healthy and quick healing.
  3. Rich in Beta-carotene and Vitamin A, it improves Eye vision and also prevent Ageing Macular Degeneration.
  4. It should be included in diet chart of Diabetics as beneficial in managing Sugar level.
  5. Soup prepared from leaves is helpful in treating Menstrual cramps.
  6. Cooked leaves if taken daily for 3 weeks removes or flushes out all the toxins from the body. It also improves immunity.
  7. Leaf paste gently fried in castor oil can be applied over inflammations and swellings.
  8. Rich in Calcium, very good to improve bone density. To improve bone health of kids, about 1 teaspoon of leaf juice should be mixed with milk and given twice daily.
  9. Leaf juice with lemon juice can be mixed and applied over face to overcome black heads and acne.
  10. Pregnant ladies should be given cooked leaves especially in last trimester for easy delivery.It also reduces post delivery complication and increases milk secretion in lactating women.
  11. Zinc in drumstick leaves plays vital role in hair-growth, spermatogenesis, and skin health.

Seed Pods :

Immature seed pods are cooked and taken as food. It contains 0% cholesterol and very low fat but rich in dietery fibre,protein, energy, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folate, Sodium, Pottasium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium, and Zinc.

Health Benefits:

  1. Taking soup prepared from drumstick pods help in treating diseases of liver, spleen, paralysis etc.
  2. Rich in dietery fibre so consuming pods aids digestion.
  3. Soup of drumstick seeds also acts as aphrodisiac. In Siddha, medicine prepared from drumstick seeds are helpful in treating male impotency.
  4. Taking seed pod in diet is good for bones, heart, skin, hairs and internal organs.

Flowers :

Soup of flower is a good aphrodisiac. It can also be cooked and taken.
Flowers contain Vitamin B, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A in abundance.

Root :

  1. As traditional medicine, roots are used as gargle for painful gums and throat problems.
  2. Roots are ground into paste and applied over glandular swellings.

Bark : 
Bark powder is used in treatment of Epilepsy.
Enriched with so many nutrients, low in fat and no cholesterol, Drumstick leaves, flowers and pods is healthy for all.  Include this miraculous food in your diet.
“Eat Drumstick & Stay Healthy.”

Papaya – Carica papaya, Natural Remedy for Dengue fever

Papaya is one of the most commonly available plant. It is highly medicinal enriched with numerous health benefits. In other words papaya is a power house of nutrients.

Botanical name : Carica papaya
Syn : Paw Paw

Constituents :
Vitamin B, Folate, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Fiber, Anti-oxidants.
Fat, Carbohydrates, Proteins in traces.
Health Benefits of papaya leaves and fruits are discussed below :
Raw Fruit :
  1. Unripe fruit or raw fruit contains a digestive enzyme Papain which enhances digestion, relieves abdominal colic, and prevents the infection of colon.
  2. Half to one tablespoon of juice of the raw fruit with honey is beneficial and helpful to cure intestinal worms. Regular intake of boiled fruit expels the worms especially Pin worm.
  3. For menstrual irregularities like absence of menstruation raw papaya can be taken regularly. It also acts as a Uterine tonic and cures ailments pertaining to reproductive organs. However consumption of the fruit should be avoided during pregnancy as it may lead to abortion.
  4. People suffering from hypertension are benefited if consume this fruit regularly.
  5. It is a diuretic and also helpful in treating spleenic and hepatic disorders.

Ripe Fruit :
  1. Rich in fiber so a good laxative. If taken regularly for one or two months as a part of diet, it promotes weight loss.
  2. Rich in Anti-oxidants and Vitamins, it relieves inflammation in diseases like arthritis, asthma etc.
  3. As cholesterol free, it supports Cardiovascular system.
  4. Rich in Vitamin A, C, and E it protects the body from Stroke and cancer.
  5. According to FNRI (Food & Nutrition Research Institute) Vitamin C content of Papaya is more than that of Orange.
  6. Rich in Vitamin A and Carotene so prevents eye from age related macular degenerative diseases and prevents loss of vision.
  7. Ripe papaya pulp with some fresh milk is an excellent face pack. It moisturizes the skin and removes blemishes.

Leaves :

  1. 15 grams of leaves (washed and mid rib removed) should be crushed well and added with 200 ml of water, decoction or infusion is prepared and filtered. If taken daily before going to bed it expels intestinal worms.
  2. Recent research proves the leaves are very effective against Dengue fever. Leave after washing properly and removing the mid- rib should be ground well with water and extracted juice can be filtered and taken in the dose of 8 to 10 ml 3 to 4 times a day. It helps in restoring the normal platelet count and decreases fever in Dengue.
Papaya is a treasure house of nutrients it should be included as a part of our daily regimen.

Herbal Remedies for Dandruff = Safe and Works well

Dandruff is a very common problem seen amongst kids teenage and adults. Medically termed as Pityriasis Capitis, characterised by excessive shedding of dead skin from scalp. Usually dead skin cells flakes once in a month in small amount as a normal procedure. But sometimes flaking increases beyond normal limits and happens to occur every 2 to 7 days, may be associated with redness and itching. Dandruff is of two types :
  1. Pityriasis sica : Commonly seen in winter. Dry, fine, thin, furfuraceous white scales flakes out from the scalp making the hair dry and dull. Mild to moderate itching present and flakes may appear on shoulders during combing.
  2. Pityriasis steatoides : Commonly seen in puberty oily skin and scalp. Also seen over eyelids, eyebrows, beard, sternal, axillary, groin areas. Scalp lesion are greasy yellowish with thick scales and crust. Beneath the crust scalp appears to be dry and red or pale. Hair matting common. If it persists leads to Seborrhoeic dermatitis or hair loss (Alopecia pityroides)


  • Poor Hygiene
  • Puberty
  • Climatic conditions like winter or summer season
  • Water conditions & hard shampoos
  • Stress & Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Increased Consumption of Spicy Non veg tinted and canned food and alcohol beverages

Herbal Home Remedies :

  1. A paste of black pepper and milk can be applied on scalp before 30 minutes before bath and then washed off
  2. Peels of lemon can be dried, powdered and used for cleaning the hair and scalp
  3. 1 teaspoon of Funugreek can be soaked over night in gruel water (rice cooked water) next day it can be ground well and applied over scalp after 30 to 40 minutes washed off. It is a very good conditioner and natural cleanser.
  4. 2 to 3 spoons of coconut oil can be mixed with 1 spoon of Amla juice. This mixture can be massaged daily in the scalp.
  5. 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice can be mixed with warm coconut oil and massaged over scalp.
  6. Use mild shampoo or green gram powder for washing the hair.
Siddha Medicines for Dandruff :
External Medicines like Poduthalai Thylam, Arugan Thylam, Vetpalai Thylam, Panchakarpakuliyal Choornam etc and various internal medicines can be prescribed on consultation with a Siddha Physician.

Tips to prevent Dandruff :
  1. Keep away from Allergic foods like baked foods yeast and preservative added foods, Cheese, vinegar and alcohol beverages.
  2. Wash hair 2 – 3 times a week with mild shampoo or herbal powder.
  3. Massage scalp regularly with suitable oil with finger tips at least twice a day.
  4. Diabetes is related to Dandruff and itchy scalp. Keep a routine blood sugar check-up.
  5. Comb the hair well at least twice a day. Most affective way to brush the hair is bending the waist with head down towards the ground and brushing from the nape of the neck to top of head. This will help to increase blood circulation and tone the scalp.
  6. Avoid Junk food spicy and canned food, aerated drinks and too much of tea or coffee.
  7. Eat fresh food with good nutritive value, fibre rich, salads, fruits, cereals and pulses. Drink plenty of water.
  8. Keep away Stress and Depression.
  9. Keep a good night sleep routine.
  10. Avoid sharing hair dressing articles like comb hair pins, towels etc.
Dandruff can be image disaster and confidence slayer so take healthy measures to get rid of it and prevent it. Instead of going for harsh chemicals and hair cleaners or shampoos, try natural healthy and simple home remedies or consult a herbal practitioner for expert advice.

Health Benefits of Coconut – Cocos nucifera

Coconut is a part of daily diet of many people especially in South India. Coconut Pulp or flesh, Coconut Oil, Coconut milk etc are used in various Indian dishes. Though included in food very less people know about the health benefits and medicinal importance of it. Many people argue saying that using coconut especially consumption of coconut oil is regarded as unhealthy.
Bring the true facts about health benefits of Coconut and the reason why it should be included in our daily diet is discussed below. Hope you enjoy reading and share it with your near and dear ones.
Each and every part of coconut- fibrous husk, shell, endosperm, pulp, root, leaves, flowers are used for one or other purpose or way, this is the reason coconut tree is also termed as “Kalpa Vriksha”. In Siddha, Flowers, Root, Tender Coconut water, Coconut milk and Coconut Oil and Coconut shell is used as a key ingredient in various internal and external Siddha medicines.
Scientific Name : Cocos Nucifera
Family : Arecaceae

Medicinal Uses/ Health Benefits :

Tender/ Green Coconut Water :
  1. In Siddha Medicine, Tender or green coconut water is a important adjuvant of various medicines.
  2. Regular consumption of tender coconut water acts as a diuretic, prevents U.T.I and helps in flushing out kidney stones.
  3. Drinking tender coconut water helps to maintain fluid balance and prevent dehydration especially during scotching Summer or in diseases like Diarrhea, Malaria, Typhoid, Chicken -pox etc.
  4. Tender coconut water is rich in electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, Chloride. It also contains moderate sugar, Calcium, Manganese, Riboflavin, dietary fiber, Riboflavin, Vitamin C etc.
  5. It contains 0% Cholesterol and also improves good cholesterol. It is the best replenishing and nutritious drink unlike those calorie loaded aerated drinks which may lead to serious health hazards.
  6. Best drink for pregnant ladies. It also helps in reducing side effects of pregnancy like constipation, sluggish digestion, nausea and heart burn.
  7. It improves intestinal function, cures acidity and ulcers.

Coconut milk :

Coconut milk may be extracted as thick or thin milk. Grated coconut meat when squeezed in cheese cloth gives thick variety whereas when the grated coconut meat soaked in warm water and squeezed repeatedly, thin milk is obtained. Coconut milk contains natural fat of medium chain fatty acids that does not get converted or accumulated as fat in the body, it transforms into energy. Hence good for people engaged in sports and physical activities.

Benefits :

  1. Rich in Vitamins and electrolytes like potassium, Chloride, and Calcium coconut milk can be used as an alternative to all those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to usual milk.
  2. In case of mouth ulcers gargling with coconut milk three or four times a day is very useful.
  3. Rich in Vitamin E, can be applied over skin as it has moisturizing effect and protects from skin rashes and sun burn. If taken internally, it also prevents dry skin.
  4. If applied regularly over scalp, prevents dandruff and nourishes the hair.
  5. If taken internally, acts as a laxative and aids digestion.
  6. Rich in lauric acid, coconut milk improves immune system and keeps circulatory system and the Heart healthy.

Coconut oil :

Used extensively in tropical countries like India, Srilanka,, Thailand etc.  Virgin coconut milk is used in cooking and external purpose. Many people  have misconception that coconut oil contains large amount of saturated  fats so it may harm our blood vessels and heart and may lead to health  issues like Blood Pressure, high cholesterol or Cardiac ailments but the  myth is now broken and it is well understood that saturated fats in coconut  is unlike normal vegetable oil, it is purely safe and healthy. It is absolutely  healthy for heart and blood vessels and prevents high cholesterol level if  used in regular diet under normal limits. As composed of medium chain  fatty acids this oil is quickly digestible and does not accumulate as body  fats. So people who wish to reduce weight can switch to Coconut oil.  Always remember the coconut oils we get from market are not virgin or  pure, it may contain paraffin wax or other pertroleum bi-products. The  coconut oil mentioned here is the pure coconut oil extracted from dried  coconut copras. In Kerala and Tamil Nadu people prepare coconut oil at homes for house hold purpose.

Benefits of Virgin coconut oil :

  1. Improves digestion and related problems. Saturated fats in coconut oil has anti microbial activity. It also improves immunity as contains lauric acid and capric acid.
  2. Healthy for liver, kidneys, pancreas, teeth and bones.
  3. Good massage oil for head and scalp. Improves hair growth.
  4. Helps in controlling blood sugar by improving secretion of insulin.
  5. Good for massaging skin. Effective moisturiser. Prevents flaking and dryness of skin, dry eczema, wrinkling, sagging, skin inflammation, itching, insect bites ringworm infection etc.
  6. Regular massage of body in infants prevent skin ailments and diaper rash.
  7. Removes scars and stretch mark if massaged regularly.
  8. In Siddha, external oils for treating various ailments are prepared from coconut oil only.

Coconut flower :

  1. Flower paste with curd are effective against kidney stones.
  2. Lehyam prepared from flowers helps to improve health of uterus and regulate bleeding after delivery.

Detox in a different Perspective = Deva Vidya Dhathu Detoxification

Almost everyone needs to detox, cleanse themselves, and rest their body functions at times. Nowadays the most important problem we are facing is the food contains insects and other poisonous substances . Living in a metropolitan, urban, or suburban community, we should be especially concerned. Cities are among the most polluted areas of the world. Actually we are sharing our body with toxic chemicals and other substances. No one knows how long some of these chemicals remain inside us once they get in or introduced to the body.
And even the toxins that our bodies do know how to break down require extra metabolic energy expenditure to complete the detoxification process.
Toxicity occurs on two basic levels--external and internal. We can acquire toxins from our environment by breathing them, by ingesting them, or through physical contact with them. On the internal level, our body produces toxins through its normal everyday functions.More common toxicity symptoms include headache, fatigue, mucus problems, aches and pains, digestive problems, "allergy" symptoms, and sensitivity to environmental agents such as chemicals, perfumes, and synthetics.


Now its the time to wake up...Fortunately, the human body has a strong tendency to move toward health, and we can help it do so. The problems arise because in the modern world there is just too much for the body to cope with and so our natural systems of elimination cannot handle the strain.

In Siddha there are many natural medicines likes "Rektha Visha Samhar" (RVS) which is a combination of 56 herbs are existing.These medicines are made by referring old granthas,palmscripts etc:.Siddha is one of the oldest systems for health and longevity, providing tried and true, time honored remedies for prevention of illness of the body. Siddha Vaidya medicine defines health as a complete presence of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social balance.

Using such detoxifiers our body can be cleansed and thus get an increased lifespan instead of increasing the immortality rate.The treatment is both relaxing and invigorating and is recommended for it’s rejuvenating effects.There are a number of ways in which the Siddha Detoxification can help the client to achieve full body detoxification.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hair Loss is a Frustrating thing for everyone and so I've got some tips To Grow Your Hair Back With The Right Diet

A head full of gorgeous silky hair, what do you think would that one word be to define it? In one word I would call it sexy!
How we all wish to have celebrity-like hair. Now we don’t know that whether their hair is original or weaved, but we all love the sheen and shine on their hair. If you have seen your grandmom’s photos you must have seen their long flowing tresses. How beautiful it looks, but we aren’t that lucky.
No matter how many hair products, shampoos and conditioners we use; our hair keeps falling off. Sometimes we fear that a day will come when we all will go bald! This is because of the damaging lifestyle we lead now-a-days. Damaging because the way we are leading our life is taking a toll on our health. Drinking, smoking, eating fast foods, using a variety of cosmetics, treating our hair with chemical products and exposing them to heat treatments! Are we doing anything that is good for us?
It is not only important what you apply on your hair to keep it good but also what food you eat. So eating right is the key to your long tresses. Our hair is made up of keratine and keratine is nothing but proteins, therefore including lot of proteins in our diet in addition to other nutrients may help you get back the lost luster in your hair.
So lets pick foods in our diet for hair growth, which further will help us achieve and maintain gorgeous and lustrous tresses like that of our grandmoms.

Best Diet for Hair Growth:

1. Fish:

We all know that fish is one of the best sources of proteins. Not only that cold water fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines are very rich in omegs-3 fatty acids that offer a natural source of oil to your body and scalp. Therefore making your hair silky from within.
Fish for hair grow

2. Nuts and seeds:

Vegetarian and don’t know from where to get healthy omega 3 fats from? Well here what you can eat. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and most importantly flax seeds. Walnuts are also a good source of vitamin E and biotin that acts as a natural sun shield for your hair. We can apply sunscreen on our skin to protect it from harmful UV rays, but what about hair? Direct exposure of hair to sun leads to extensive damage and hair fall. But walnuts being rich in biotin prevent hair loss. It has also been found that walnuts contain copper that retains the natural hair colour keeping it shiny and lustrous.

3. Green leafy vegetables:

You have a lot of options in veggies that actually help to retain your beautiful hair. All green leafy vegetables top the list. Green leafy veggies are rich in iron and iron prevents hair brittleness and breakage. Include this food in your diet for healthy hair growth.

4. Carrots:

Not only beneficial for your eyes, carrots are magic for your hair too. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which transforms into Vitamin A when ingested. It is important to note that none of the cells in your body can function without Vitamin A, so it is advised to intake a lot of Vitamin A in your diet. Lack of Vitamin A in your foods lead to drying of scalp with itchy dandruff. Other options of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A are sweet potatoes, yam, pumpkin, mangoes and apricots.

5. Eggs:

A very wholesome food, eggs are a rich source of four major elements, zinc, sulphur, iron and selenium. All these elements are needed for a head full of healthy hair. Deficiency of any of these elements will lead to a dry flaky scalp and innumerable hair loss. Other sources of these rich elements are lean meat, poultry and oysters.
Eggs for hair

6. Yogurt:

Benefits of yogurt is that it is the best medicine for treating your hair issues. Being rich in Vitamin B5 and calcium, it helps take care of your hair. Other dairy products like low skimmed milk, cottage cheese and low fat cheese along with yogurt helps improve health of hair follicles. Yogurt whether applied externally or consumed internally is beneficial for your hair. This is another best diet for hair growth faster.

7. Berries:

A rich source of Vitamin C, nothing can beat the exotic berries when it comes to consuming Vitamin C. Any berry you like strawberries, raspberries and especially blueberries, circulates blood to your scalp and to the hair follicles helping healthy hair growth. Tomatoes also function the same way. So if you are not a lover of berries, try including tomatoes in your daily diet as salads or curries.

8. Beans and pulses:

The beans and pulses we eat everyday act as magic to our hair. Being a protein rich vegetarian diet, beans and pulses also contain biotin which being deficient leads to hair breakage. This protein diet for hair growth is also very essential.

9. Prunes:

Known to be a very rich source of iron, prunes are good to have if you suffer from stiff hay-like dry hair, thinning of hair and hair discoloration. It improves your hair quality and adds health to it. In addition to prunes, consider having beetroots too.

10. Shrimps:

Shrimps are a good option to include in diet chart for hair growth if you are avoiding red meat because of its high calorie content. Shrimps are also a good and rich source of proteins. Other than that shrimps also contain a good quantity of Vitamin B12, zinc and iron that also prevents hair breakage.

11. Water:

Drink enough water to keep your skin and scalp hydrated and give natural moisture to your hair.

What not to do:

  • Spare your hair of all the sprays, mousse and gels you had been using so long to set a particular style. You may look good for the night but what about the damage you are exposing your hair to.
  • Please promise to say NO to heat treatments from now on. Do you know how much damage you are causing to your hair by all these artificial heat exposures? The heat steals all the nature moisture from your hair leaving them as dry as grass.

Ever came Across Hibernation Diet?? well checkout what science has to say

Have you ever heard of the hibernation diet? We do know of a number of diet patterns and types, but hibernation diet is one of those few that are simple and effective – both at the same time. Conceived by an Edinburgh pharmacist and sports nutritionist, Mike McInnes, this diet focuses on eating honey and doing resistance training.
Would you like to know more about this diet type? Keep reading!

The Concept Of Hibernation Diet:

The proponents of the hibernation diet think that eating honey before hitting the bed at night fuels your liver, and the body secretes hormones that boost metabolism and fat burning. Honey offers your body additional fructose, which streamlines the process. Without it, your body tries to stabilize blood sugar and spends most of the energy.
So, it basically means that your body burns fat when you sleep. Honey is replete with several vitamins, key minerals, and antioxidants, which ensure your body gets the required nutrients.

Basics Of Hibernation Diet:

1. Eating Honey Before Sleeping At Night:

You will need to take two spoons of honey before hitting the bed each night in order to get benefitted from the diet. You can either take honey as it is, or mix it with milk and drink it.

2. Healthy Foods:

Apart from taking honey regularly, you also need to eat healthy foods and discard refined and processed dishes as much as possible. Avoid consuming white bread, burgers, pizza, beer, etc.

3. Resistance Training:

While proponents of the hibernation diet do not advise going to the gym, they say you should go for a few bursts of resistance training every week. You may follow Pilates and Yoga DVDs as well.

Is The Hibernation Diet Right For You?

There are so many weight loss plans and diets that finding the right one can be tedious. If the answer to any of the following questions is a yes, it means your metabolism is not at an optimal level, and you should opt for this diet:
  • Do you get night sweats?
  • Do you need to go to the washroom during the night?
  • Does acid reflux bug you during the night?
  • Do you wake up sometimes during the night?
  • Do you feel tired after waking up in the morning?
  • Do you cope with night cramps?
  • Do you cope with dry throat after waking up?
  • Does a nauseous feeling grab you in the morning?
As per the views of McInnes, your body can be trained to think that you are getting into the hibernation mode. Then it will begin utilizing the stored fat as you fall asleep. Your brain makes use of the energy as you sleep, and the blood sugar levels need to be balanced. If that is off balance, your body releases stress hormones, affecting the sleep quality and hampering the body’s natural healing mechanism. Taking honey before sleep offers the body enough energy to metabolize and carry on with the repair process.

Ideal Foods As Per The Hibernation Diet:

Below listed is the daily eating routine and the foods suitable for the Hibernation Diet:
You can have a banana, porridge or muesli. Having whole grain bread is also recommended.
Have small snacks like raw nuts and fruit slices.
You may have a mushroom, tuna, and fruit juice. You may also have salads.
Workout Snack:
You can eat dry fruits, banana, and crisp breads with honey or low-fat cheese.
A small snack would suffice. Examples are raisins and a sliced carrot.
Opt for a healthy meal comprising of animal protein. Examples are steak and lamb roasts. Before hitting the bed, you should take honey with warm milk.
This diet, unlike many, does not ask you to stop eating. You merely make small changes to your existing diet to be rewarded with better health! Give this diet a go, and share your experience with us below!