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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Medicinal Benefits and uses of Avarai or Country Beans

Plant name : Avarai or Meghari or Country Beans
“Used in Siddha to treat Diabetes, Eye problems and Skin diseases”.
Botanical name : Cassia auriculata
Family : Fabaceae
Actions : Astringent, Anti Bacterial, Anthelmintic, Coolant, Anti Diabetic

Siddha Medicinal Uses :

  1. It is mentioned in traditional books that people travelling in hot sun crush the leaves of this plant and pace it under their turban before stepping out in sun. This way they remain protected from scorching heat and its harmful effects.
  2. Water soaked in flowers are helpful to manage peaking sugar levels. It also reduces thirst, burning sensation of body and removes bad odor of body.
    Dried flowers and buds are prepared as tea and consumed by diabetics.
  3. The decoction of roots are helpful in curing constipation, fever, diabetes, urinary infection etc.
  4. The bark, flowers, leavers and fruits taken in equal parts prepared as decoction for treating diabetes.
  5. Water soaked in flowers are also helpful in managing skin problems.
  6. Leaves fried in ghee, cooled and applied over eyelids for eye diseases like conjunctivitis, Chronic purulent ophthalmia etc.
  7. Decoction of bark is used to cure leucorrhoea. It also acts as a coolant.
  8. Flowers can be ground well with turmeric and chick pea powder and used as bath powder to treat burning sensation of body and bad odor.
  9. Flowers cooked as Manapagu can be given for Vellai noi, Urinary infections and burning sensation in genitals.
  10. Dried powdered seeds can be ground in water and used as eye application for various eye ailments.

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