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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A beauty tip for women to get a lusty long hair naturally

Long, Lustrous and smooth hair is every girl's desire, but its difficult to get that shine without proper care of the hair. Hair is made of protein fibers, that come from follicles located on the scalp. if you follow a good diet regime, your hair follicles will get the essential nutrients and you will get that shiny healthy hair.

Long Shiny Hair:

• Hair is made of protein fibers that comes from the follicles present on the scalp
• A good diet provides essential nutrients to hair
• Hair care is important to get long shiny hair

Natural home made hair conditioners using banana and milk:

1. Take 1 mashed banana
2. Add 1 egg
3. Add 3 tbsp milk
4. Mix well
5. Apply on hair and scalp
6. Wash off with a mild shampoo after 30 min

Natural home made hair conditioners using eggs and olive oil:

1. Take 2 eggs
2. Add 5 tsp olive oil
3. Mix well
4. Apply this on the scalp
5. Wear a shower cap
6. Leave it for 30 min
7. Wash off with mild shampoo


• After washing the hair, allow them to dry naturally
• Use hair dryer only after the hair is mildly damp
• Comb hair regularly and gently

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