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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Have you ever felt weird of having a mole? Here's how South Indian Tamil Astrology gives the meaning and reason of each mole

South Indian Tamil astrologers believe changes in the body are caused by emotional or physiological responses to life events, so reading moles can give clues to ‘energy channels’.

Usually as per the Tamil astrology, moles appear in your body as per the placement and conjunction of planets.

For Example: The house in which Rahu is placed also shows moles in that particular area of the body. For instance - if Rahu is associated with the 11th lord or placed in the 11th house the person will have a mole in the leg as the 11th house signifies legs.(Rahu is one among the 9 planets in the South Indian Astrology, this is a shadow planet)
Combination of Saturn, Rahu and Mars in a particular house also signify moles in the specified body part.

Moles give negative results if it is formed due to conjunction of evil planets.
For men moles on the right side of the body is considered auspicious, while in women the left side is considered good.

‘Energy is more active in certain parts of the face and body at different times in a person’s life. Its flow can be emphasised or obstructed by the position of a healthy mole.’

To help you understand what they can mean for you, here is a guide to mole reading:

The moles are classified based on:

Mole Size
Mole Color

Based on the size, colour and place where it is situated,the characteristic of a person can be determined.

one point: slow and steady get high position.

Based on Size:

one point : If a point is seen then your life will be slow and steady and at later part of Life you get high position.

small round type : You will face problems, difficulties in life.

medium size : You want to live a comfortable life, but sometimes you are lazy. Hard work required.

Based on Color:

Shade moles : You will not lose nor gain from anything.

Ash color moles : You will lead a simple life like a middle class

Wheat moles : You are brisk but you will face difficulty at first and later everything will be smooth.

Red color moles : You will have patience and most of them will be in teaching profession.

Yellow moles : You are talented in writing, poet and music.

Based on Place:

Moles on Fore head : You will lead a good life, achieve Fame, Financial freedom and success in politics.

Moles on Below forehead : You have aim, confidence and will succeed above 40 years.

Moles on Eyebrow : You have to work hard, some will get job, no jealous.

Moles on Tip of Nose : Some will lack discipline.

Moles on Lips : sometimes you will be jealous of your friends and relatives.

Moles on Chin : You will achieve in politics. You will gain assests.

Moles on Tongue : you will have good education, Knowledge, planning and some will be a scholar.

Moles on Arms : You are polite, hardworking and lead a happy married life.

Moles on Elbow : You will struggle in life to achieve your goals and some will a young widower.

Moles on Armpit(left):You will face great struggle in early part of life and well rewarded later.

Moles on Armpit(right) : You have to be cautious in matter of security.

Moles on Neck : Sometimes you are unlucky and others make you fool.

Moles on Front : You will get unexpected good fortune.

Moles on Back : You will be working and others get name.

Moles on Chest : You will have no peace of mind and some will struggle in life.

Moles on Right : Your laziness will affect family life, you will enjoy to travel, and love comfort and luxury.

Moles on Left : You are active, energetic and get what you want in life.

Moles on Navel : you will have neither worries nor happiness and get ancestors property. Sometimes luck favors.

Moles on Buttocks : You are unambitious, reconciled to any mode of life.

Moles on Thigh : you work hard and mostly people do business at later stage.

Moles on Foot : You lead a pure life and interested in social service. You achieve name, fame. Do exercise daily to stay healthy.

Moles on Leg : You will get assets, comforts through wife.

Moles on Ear: You are considered to be lucky.

Moles on Eye :You are honest, reliable.

Moles on Right eyebrow : You are highly active, successful in all ventures.

Moles on Finger : You are dishonest and exaggerate.

Moles on Hand : You are talented and achieve success in your life.

Moles on Heel : You make enemy easily and are prone losing friends.

Moles on Hip : You are satisfied, resilent and spirited.

Moles on Right knee : You are a friendly person.

Moles on Left knee : You live an extravagant life style.

Moles on Nipple : A fickle nature.

Moles on Back : surmount obstacles in order to achieve desired results.

Here is something more in detail:-

Mole on Scalp:

  • Male: Tamil Astrology predicts that this man is patient, tough, cool, loyal, honest, prudent, and careful. He will achieve success in his profession around the age of 47 years. His name will be recognized and well-known due to his success and hard work since his early years. He cares about his pride, fame and family recognition and he will be very happy during his retirement years. His fortunate wife is from a family of high status, either from wealth or intellectual attainment.
  • Female: The prediction is that this lady is gentle, neat, polite, generous, kind, prudent and intelligent. She is a responsible person in her duties and assignments. During her mature years, she will find her real lover or future husband, who will either be much older or much younger than she is. In their relationship, she is not aggressive. She also likes charity work.

Mole on Forehead:

  • Male: A man with a mole on his forehead or even in between his eyebrows, is kind and likes to help people, because he has confidence in himself and his ideas. He reaches success by his own efforts. He has pride and integrity, and prefers action to talk. He feels uncomfortable asking people for help, or interrupting their activities. He does not like to take advantage of other people, and is a good family man.

  • Female: In general, a mole on a lady's forehead indicates that she loves peace, justice, religion, culture, tradition and has a strong sense of morals. She is diligent, but not overly acute. For this reason, she is insecure, and quite often has to deal with being jealous of other people. If her future husband is more intelligent, he will be able to strengthen her life and future. He probably has been married before, and his home city is very far away. She likes to follow current matters instead of constantly looking into the past.

Mole on the Median Line of the Forehead or Skull:

  • Male: The median line starts at the hairline, down through the forehead, between the eyebrows and over the top part of the nose. A man with such a mole likes to have fun, to socialize, to enjoy entertainment and humor. He has quickness of mind and intelligence. He likes to learn from experience as he seldom has luck or fortune on his own, unless someone adores him. He may not be wealthy, but may be well known in an artistic field. There will be a good chance for him to travel abroad. It is very difficult for him to find the right person to marry. 
  • Female: This lady is quite independent and has a lot of confidence in herself. She likes to do things which she considers appropriate, including social gatherings, having fun and romance. She has quickness of mind and is intelligent, however she lacks prudence and a sense of caution. She is often faced with unfortunate matters and unhappy moments, including jealously of someone that she cannot get along with. She probably will meet the right man in her later years.

Mole on the Left or Right Temple:

  • Male: He loves to be neat, polite, gentle, solemn, quiet and religious. He is wise and thoughtful. He is humble and realistic. He has a nice life as a child, but has a rough time in his teenage years, especially in romance and financial matters. After the age of 22 years, he slowly gains some happiness. Several people often treat him unfairly, however, others respect him due to his integrity, fairness, morality and education. He should get married after 25 years of age. His future wife should be a little younger, slender, educated and financially stable.
  • Female: She is polite in both manner and conversation. She is honest and loyal. She is about average in terms of intelligence. She is cool and careful, although she often relies on other people's advice and help. She is often sick during her younger years. She can always get help when it is needed. After middle age, she could be lucky and receive a fortune that unexpectedly turns her life around. Her family will become secure and will be much respected by others. Her future husband is either wealthy, well-educated or both.


Under the eyebrow, it signals abundant wealth. When a mole is hidden from view, it is considered to be even more significant and special, like hidden treasure.
One above the eyebrow — like Angelina Jolie — represents a steady flow of money in your life.

  • Mole Between Eyebrows:
    • Male: A man with a mole between his eyebrows is a careful man, who also has a strong sense of honesty and justice. He has a great desire to endure. He will benefit from his education or independent studies, and with practice and effort can be an intelligent man. And through his efforts, will have good luck and fortune. When young, he is faced with hardship, poor health, an unhealthy environment and poor, if any, educational opportunities. From youth to his teenage years, his life is not happy, but when he gets a job , his life will be much better. And if things don't work out where he is, he will move or be transferred to another place where things will improve. 
    • Female: Women have always been his enemies. It will be difficult for him to find a permanent relationship, because when he is happy, his partner will stay with him, but if he is faced with adversity, she will leave. This lady is polite and kind, and a lover of beauty. She has a strong belief in justice. She enjoys social contacts and likes helping relatives and neighbors. She is a careful and intelligent person. She often has profound thoughts, and sometimes spends too much time thinking before taking action. She has a talent for administration. She will have good luck and be successful in her job. She has, or will have, more money. It is easy for her to be charming and intelligent, and she is respected by everyone. She will marry a man with white or light skin, and if he is older or a foreigner, she will have much happiness. She should not marry a man richer than she is, for they will not be able to get along.
    • Male: Mole  on Left or Right eyebrow this man is polite and kind, and likes to have fun. He loves social interaction, is neat in appearance and likes to dress well. He wants the best things in life, like a nice home and a good job. He tends to be somewhat extravagant at times. He is very intelligent and likes to study new things. He will be involved with many women in his life, and there will be hardships to face because of a woman. There will be some problems, but he will be able to overcome them. He will have many girlfriends or wives, but they will be helpful to him and his life.
    • Female: A woman with a mole on her eyebrow likes social interaction and likes to dress well. She is an art and music lover, and likes new or unusual things. She is intelligent, and knowledgeable about new things, and often has new and unusual ideas. She is artistic and enjoys most social situations. She is capable of making good money, but has difficulty in trying to save any of it. She does not face hard times when young, although she is often ill. And she needs to be cautious because her numerous social activities will become costly. She will face some hardships in middle age. She will find that if her boyfriends are her own age, she will lose money and be faced with hardship or illness. She will someday find an older man who is wealthy, who has been married before. He will be a foreigner, and of a jealous nature

Mole on the Left or Right Eyeball:

  • Male: A man with a mole on his eyeball is neat in his personal habits, is very ambitious, and also very selfish and stingy with his money. He has strong emotions and loves sex. He is a calm and intelligent person, and has many good ideas, but can also be bad tempered at times. When young, his parents give him much happiness, and he is good at his studies. He gets too emotional, which sometimes causes him to lose money, but he is intelligent enough to resolve the problems. He can always get more money with his talents and abilities. He is charming and has power within himself, and will never be poor because other people believe in him. He will marry a woman who is rich and neat in her habits. 
  • Female: She may have some sort of physical abnormality. She is a lover of beauty and social involvement. She has strong emotions and loves sex, but tends to be too fussy at times. She is intelligent and has many good ideas. Success for her may be difficult to achieve. If she stays alone, she will have good luck, and if she finds a kind man to help her, she will obtain happiness. She will find a mate when she is middle-aged, and will find happiness in her relationship.

Mole on the Eyelid:

A mole on the eyelid symbolises disharmony within the family and a tendency to lose money.
‘Crying moles’ — those under the eyes — are a sign that you are overly emotional.

  • Male: He has strong emotions and is sensitive, but also very self-centered. He likes bad things and associating with bad people. He is unsteady and usually unreliable. He really isn't very intelligent. He will face hardships because of his choice of friends and associates. If he studies hard, or finds and stays in a good environment, he may find happiness. His mate will be widowed, but wealthy and she can help him. He will be happy when is an older man.
  • Female: She likes to have fun. She loves beauty and follows all the latest fashions. She likes learning new things and experimenting. She has very little respect for culture and tradition. When young, she faces hardships, then moves to another place and becomes ill. Growing up, she is faced with even more problems and is not happy. If she wants happiness, she will have to seek help and support from her elders. She always seems to attract bad men, and is usually not successful in her love life. Someday, she will find a true and loyal mate who will stay near her.

Mole Behind the Left Eye:

  • Male: A man with a mole behind his left eye is a kind person who likes helping other people. He is diligent in his work or studies and has good endurance. He loves and enjoys social contacts. He is very polite when he is among others, but can have a vicious temper when he is alone. He loves sex and has very strong sexual urges. He is intelligent and has a very clever mind. When young, he is very happy, but later he faces hardships. If he is not over concerned with beauty, he will get a rich woman and have a good marriage.
  • Female: She is a brave and adventurous person who likes to travel everywhere. She is easygoing and has good relationships with her many friends. She is intelligent and leads a very active life style; she knows lots of people. She is very happy when young , but will face hardships when she gets older. But her diligence and perseverance will win out and she will find happiness. If she does not work, or has 2 boyfriends, this could present major problems in her life. She will marry a foreigner, or a man who does not live in the same city she does. Their marriage will face some hardships, but together they will overcome them and find happiness.

Mole Behind the Right Eye:

  • Male: He is a careful person with a rather sensitive personality. He is intelligent and has a very good memory - he enjoys memorizing things. He is also of an inquisitive mind, he likes to listen and think; and to ask questions and remember the answers. Because of his efforts and work, he will face very few hardships, and is destined to have good fortune in his life. He will marry a woman who works at the same place he does, who will be somewhat older than he is. She will either be rich or have a good education, and will love and understand him.
  • Female: A woman with a mole behind her right eye likes entertainment and to have fun. She likes clubs and enjoys many social contacts. She enjoys sports of all kinds, especially some of the crazier ones. She is intelligent and always very up to date on the latest trends and developments. Her life is like a roller coaster, sometimes poor and sometimes rich. If she settles down and improves herself, then her family will benefit and she will be happy when she is older. Marriage for her will be a difficult thing. True loves will leave in a short time because she will have trouble finding a man who is interested in the same things she is, and also because she tends to think of love as just another game or sport.

Mole in the Corner of Eye:

  • Male: He is honest, loves peace and has a strong sense of justice. He is very considerate of other people. He is also rather gullible, he believes what anyone else tells him, even when they are lying. He is intelligent, but makes decisions by following the opinions of others, rather than his own mind. He will face misfortune because of the treachery of his partner or other people. His progress in life is going to depend on more mature persons who will protect him and help him to become rich and have happiness. He will marry a rich woman who is either an orphan or has no brothers or sisters.
  • Female: She is honest, but sometimes not very smart. She tends to believe what everyone tells her and doesn't think for herself. She is neither intelligent nor stupid, but often has trouble following what is going on and keeping up with things. She will frequently be the victim of treachery from others, and often be disappointed. She will have to work hard, but even if she has the ambition, she will still have obstacles to face. She will have relationships with many men, at least three. One she will stay with only a short time because he cheats her. Another will already have a wife. If she uses all the good qualities she has to combat some bad characteristics of her boyfriend, she will win, and stay with him for a long time.

Mole on the Bridge of the Nose:

  • Male: He is a very peaceful person, who enjoys his studies and likes to have fun. Is very fond of literature and poetry. He is inclined to write to newspapers or magazines to show his ability. He is intelligent, and may even write a book at some time. When he is young, the economic status of his parents is such that he faces no particular hardships, but he isn't happy either. He is very persevering and when older will have a high position or make a lot of money, and will move away. His wife will be rich and help him to get a high position. He will be happy when he is older.
  • Female: She enjoys social contacts and loves to have fun. She is very ambitious and strives for a position of power which would bring her happiness. She wants to be a member of high society. She is intelligent, and very quick-witted in solving problems which arise suddenly. She can get money easily, and will be a rich and active member of the upper social set. She will marry a man who is in a very high position, either because he is very well educated or rich, or both


This suggests loneliness and being unable to settle down or form a family.
If it’s on or next to the crease of your face when you smile — like Marilyn Monroe and Michael Schumacher — it can represent potential accidents.

  • Mole on the Left Cheek:
    • Male: This man loves beauty, and is neat and diligent in his personal habits. He loves social contact, and particularly enjoys sex. He is intelligent and a charming man. He is well liked by adults, and they are generally ready to help him if need be. He will be rich and happy because of girl who has had many husbands. But his true spouse will only stay with him for a short time.
    • Female: This is a very sensual and adventurous lady. She adores beauty and loves sex, but when she gets a boyfriend, it is really a funny game to play. She loves to travel, to see other things and new things. Mostly she is ambitious, but also likes to have fun. She is an intelligent lady, well liked and always seems to have good luck. She is respected by others who respect her and are willing to help her if she needs it. She will marry a foreigner, and live far away.
  • Mole on the Right Cheek:
    • Male: On the positive side, this man is diligent in his efforts, and has good endurance. He also has sense of honor, which sometimes can be misdirected. Because he has a tendency to believe what other people tell him, without thinking things through for himself. He is emotional, and can be cruel. He may not be very smart and unable to be a very good person when he is younger. If he endures and makes an effort, he can achieve some degree of happiness, and will be fine when he is older. He will be happy if he is a monk, or helps children who don't have parents. His wife will stay near him, perhaps even working in the same place. She is not a rich person, but has habits and ideas similar to his.
    • Female: This lady doesn't ever seem to have much to say, but always appears to be thinking a lot. In reality, she is a little bit stupid, and has difficulty solving any sort of problems, she is lazy, and neither brave nor kind to others. What she really loves is sex, and the attention and help this brings her. She will be happy because of the help she gets from a kind and wealthy woman, so she will be happy all her life. She will marry a rich man who has been married before, and both her husband and son will be a help to her later in life.


In Indian astrology, ears represent your character, so a mole on the earlobes is a sign of a good personality and reputation.

One inside the ear means long life while one on the top of the ear symbolises  intelligence.

If you have moles on both ears, you will be influential and enjoy a comfortable life.


Be careful if you have a mole on the end of the nose: it represents instability as it’s in a precarious position. It means relationship problems ahead.
One on the bridge of the nose obstructs the flow of chi or energy as it flows downwards as we breathe, so symbolises entrapment or trouble ahead. It is also the sign of a hard worker because they labour to stabilise their energy flow.
Moles on the side of the nose, near the nostrils or hidden, indicates someone who is good with money, especially at protecting their bank account.

  • Mole on the Top of the Nose:
    • Male: A man with a mole on the top of his nose is very kind and gentlemanly, who is polite and neat in his personal habits. He enjoys speaking with others and is very comfortable in social interactions. He is very intelligent, and quite up-to-date in his thinking and ideas. He is sufficiently charming that other adults enjoy doing things to please him and help him. He will have good luck in his life and will be successful and become wealthy. He has very strong endurance so will survive to enjoy the later years of this life. He will meet many girls, but his one true love will be one very exceptional lady.
    • Female: This lady likes to have fun in her life, and loves social interactions of all kinds. In her personal habits, which is careful and precise, and has a strongly developed sense of honor. With this, she is a smart and very intelligent lady. She is very charming, and never seems to have any problem getting money, although she has expensive tastes. But all things considered, she will have good luck and happiness all of her life. And she will marry very well. Her husband will have a good education and will have received high honors. He has a high position, and is wealthy.
  • Mole near the Nostril:

    • Male: This is a calm and careful man, with a strong ability to endure or survive. He has a strong sense of honor and love of his fellow man, and enjoys all forms of social interactions. In his personal habits, he is very neat and precise, and careful of his appearance. He is intelligent and a very good leader, both in his work place and within his family. Because of his personality, other adults are always willing to help him in his work, or the pursuit of honors and recognition. He will be happy all his life, and if his interests are in the commercial field, he will be wealthy as well. He will have many wives.
    • Female: This lady is diligent and loves to study, she is especially attracted to the arts and literature. She is an intelligent and charming person, but her life is not totally serious, because she also likes to have fun. During her younger and teenage years, her life will be OK, but when she gets older, she will receive a high honor. Her fortune will grow step-by-step, and she will be happy when she is older. She will marry a man with a good education who is either wealthy or has achieved a high social status.


Having a mole on the chin means tenacity, determination and stubbornness. It can lead to success or failure depending on how you direct this in your life.
It can also represent the need for change or travel (because the chin is always moving).


The ‘food luck’ mole is found on the right or left corner of the upper lip. You enjoy good food, are generous and enjoy the finer things in life. A mole on the bottom lip means your children will be successful.


The neck forms a link between the head and body, or the ‘spirit’ and ‘physical’. A mole here obstructs the flow of energy and can mean disappointment. One in the centre of the neck represents a wild character who may cause their family grief.

  • Mole on the Adam's Apple:
    • Male: A man with a mole on his Adam's apple will be neat in his appearance. He talks easily and convincingly but underneath he is a rogue who loves to lie. He has a great talent for cunning and is not trustworthy. Although he probably doesn't deserve it, this guy is lucky in all he does, he is very happy and usually wealthy too. When he marries his choice may well be a distant cousin.
    • Female: The lady with this mark has very similar characteristics to her male counterpart. She has a great love of beauty in all things including herself. Her neat appearance is driven by vanity and she loves to talk about herself. She is not an honest or reliable person and is a little shifty in her actions. She is rich and lucky but happiness may be elusive. She is likely to marry a distant relative.
  • Mole on the Glottis
    • Male: Such a man is a role model for others. He is a true gentleman, generous in every way. Deeply religious, he is fair and just to all he meets. His gentlemanly ways are complemented by his great intellect. This is a very smart man indeed. He is a very lucky man and everything he does will turn out fine, but he can't guarantee happiness or wealth. His spouse is likely to be a little plump, but she comes from a good family.
    • Female: This mark is always accompanied by a desire to appear smartly and neatly dressed and made up in public. This is not vanity but rather an attempt to do what is right and proper. This lady is gentle and caring with a well-developed sense of justice. She is very clever and uses her talents wisely. She is likely to be wealthy and happy. Her wealth may be due to her hardworking husband, but not her happiness for he is brusque and sharp-spoken.
  • Mole on the Nape of the Neck:
    • Male: Here is a man who seems the ideal employee. He exhibits patience and diligence and works hard too. He is a kind and benevolent sort of person but if he has a fault it is gambling, his greatest weakness. He is of average intelligence and not very lucky, so he must always work hard for a comfortable retirement. He is not an adventurous soul and has a limited social life, and the girl he marries will probably be a neighbor.
    • Female: This lady is much like her male equivalent in her habits, but she is no gambler. She loves helping others and may be i evolved in organizing charities. She always behaves correctly in any social situation and doesn't ever let her hair down, a trait that denies her happiness. She is not particularly clever, but acquires and saves money at all times. The perennial wallflower, she will almost certainly marry someone from her own community.
  • Mole or Birthmark on the Ear:
    • Male: This is a very serious and thoughtful man who slowly and steadily gets where he is going. He doesn't get there by chance either for he has made his mind up where he is heading before he starts, a man of decisive manner. He is a clever man but not quick-witted and will neither be rich nor poor, but that doesn't matter because he is happy. He may be steady and serious at work, but here is one of life's Romeos. He may never get married and if he does he will probably be unfaithful.
    • Female: "Give, give, give" seems to be this lady's motto. She is generous to a fault with money and her own precious time. And what precious time it is for madam is a snob. Her generosity makes her feel above those who benefit from it. It is a giving designed to reinforce her feelings of superiority. A well-dressed and clever woman, she is eternally happy, and why not. Her husband is probably a wealthy man or possibly a prominent academic.


Moles below the elbow show you are compassionate; those between the shoulder and elbow are a sign you get money easily.

Mole on the Right, Outer Upper Arm:

  • Male: He has a natural, quick intelligence which allows him to learn quickly and, likewise, he is naturally hard-working with an in-built streak of strong ambition. Career-wise, anything he undertakes will bring success and, should he decide to become self-employed, he will reap rich rewards. Such a man will command respect from his family, friends and neighbors. Also, he will be sought after as a husband but his first love will always be his work.
  • Female: The lady who has this mark will learn about life's hardships at an early age. There will be much suffering, however, because of her characteristic exuberance, courage and love of life, she will climb to happier and greater things. She loves to have a laugh, enjoys new experiences and isn't afraid to take a risk or face new challenges. With the Cup of Life, this girl looks upon it as being half-full rather than half-empty. If she marries, she will not be dominated by any man but will remain a free-spirit.

Mole on Left, Outer Upper Arm:

  • Male: Early life for this man will be something of a struggle due to financial circumstances but he is gifted with a clever brain and has a naturally pleasant and polite disposition. Job-wise, he is conscientious and always prepared to "go the extra mile" in assisting others. Confident of himself and unhesitating to accept new projects, he will be successful and much admired by colleagues. A true gentleman, he will make and ideal life-partner for someone.
  • Female: Born into a quality situation, this lady will grow into one of life's campaigners seeking justice, human rights and fairness for all. Bestowed with a bubbly, lovely personality she makes friends easily but, nevertheless, has to work hard to achieve her aims of success and recognition especially in the "causes" she undertakes. However, despite initial problems of sponsorships, she will become the darling of several wealthy patrons. It is doubtful if this girl will marry although she will have meaningful relationships.

Mole on Either Elbow:

  • Male: A man so marked will characteristically be of a serious, scholarly nature which will allow him to benefit from a quality education. Not an enthusiastic fun lover, he may find great success in the fields of accountancy or law. Alternatively, should he decide to enter Government, he will become a successful senior Civil Servant (not politician) or, perhaps, a career diplomat. The ideal wife for this man will be a lady of intelligence, discretion and charm who will be an able supporter at social functions he is obliged to attend or host.
  • Female: This lady also benefits from a top education and uses it to springboard her to career success. By nature she is quick, intelligent and adopts a serious approach to anything she undertakes. Not readily discouraged by anything she sees in a man's world, she will fight, study and work hard to find her place in that world. As a "work-a-holic" she will run her own business efficiently and successfully or, perhaps, specialize in financial or business management. Marriage and children are not priorities for this lady.

Mole on Either Bicep Muscle:

  • Male: Such a man will become well liked and highly respectable. From an unpretentious background, he is astute, naturally intelligent and is also gifted with a keen sense of honesty and trust. As an enthusiastic but average sportsman, he gives and inspires fair-play. Such qualities will see him promoted to a senior position of trust - perhaps in banking or stock-control work - and will earn him the gratitude of his employers. This man will make a good, loving husband and father and will have no problem in finding his life-partner.
  • Female: Such a girl is a delight as she presents many of the good, caring qualities of life. She comes from an ordinary background, with reasonable education, and will see her life's work as a vocation rather than a career. Self disciplined and systematic by nature, she is also happy to give of herself by volunteering to assist others - and this earns her the respect and love of her elders. Her work will be, perhaps, in the line of nursing, veterinary care or the welfare services. This lady will make a loving wife and will probably marry early in life

Mole on Either Armpit:

  • Male: This man may have mixed emotions which he finds difficult to control. Unkindness, temper and selfishness may sometimes be his master. Ambitious by nature his success is, nevertheless, thrashed by lack of understanding and credibility. Perhaps he is destined to remain single because he can find happiness and peace in a religious order. However, if he marries it will be to someone he meets in mid-life - and the lady in question will bring him all sorts of troubles. Better he remains single.
  • Female: Ancient Tamil Astrology suggests in dismay at his lady because she is just too clever for her own good. Ambitious to a fault, self-centred and quick to anger, such a lady should go her own way and not involve others. Although, if she can make peace with her emotions, a vocational calling could be very rewarding. A bachelor-girl life is best suited to such a lady but, if she does insist on matrimony, she will not find a partner until middle age - possibly a widower who is alone and needs company.

Mole on the Back:

  • Male: The pilgrim who carries this mark may not make much progress. He is given to baser instincts and appetites being lazy by nature and lustful in thought. A man who depends upon others and feels the world owes him a living. It is doubtful that he will marry because no lady will accept this burden and they become wary of his advances which are reflective of lust rather than love.
  • Female:It is possible this girl will have little reward from life as, sadly she may not have the endearing qualities which others seek. By temperament, she is lazy, dislikes domesticity, leans on society, avoids brave decisions and is, rankly, uninspiring. Ill fortune drapes itself around her in a dark cloud of problems. Husband-finding is no less a problem because, although there are a series of lovers, if she hooks one them he will prove to be unfaithful. 


  • Mole on right shoulder:
    • Male: This man has many of the better traits in life. He is a royal and resolute individual who gives honest and polite service to those he meets. He is clever, but not overly so, and is a hard worker. In fact, he may work too hard and this burden has caused him unhappiness in the past. But this also has taught him patience for future times and this will earn him a special relationship with his life-partner in term of empathy, love and friend. His will marry a close friend.
    • Female: A girl with a mole  on her right shoulder will be a good catch as a wife. She will be hard working, patient and she will take pleasure from her own personal growth and development. If she wishes, she can be self-sufficient because she is smart and clever enough to do so. However, life may bring some troubles but our lady has the good fortune to overtake these. To match her own good qualities, her spouse will be strong in personality, neat of appearance and polite when dealing with other people.
  • Mole on left shoulder:
    • Male: Unfortunately, this man has many difficulties and, perhaps, this is why he can have a quick temper and an angry disposition. As a youngster, there were many periods of ill-health but gradually this improves through the teenage years and his twenties. However, an accident or further bad luck may dog his early thirties. After that, life and luck will mellow for him and there will be greater comfort in later life. His spouse will be one who understand his difficulties so he will marry a close friend or someone who is near to him.
    • Female: She is an unusual lady. By nature she is quite clever but negates her natural talent by being very gullible and will believe almost anything. This is what causes her to have little regard for her own virtue and brings problems in her younger years. Maturity brings an understanding that all is not as it appears and old-age brings happiness which has been long deserved. This lady's ideal husband will be someone who lives near her or, perhaps, someone with whom she works.
  • Mole on top of right shoulder:
    • Male: The man with a mole on top of his right shoulder is someone who is "larger than life." He is clever by nature but is also a risk taker. He loves to party, to be the center of attention and to make a noise. Karaoke is his great delight. He will be happy in life providing he can control his risk-taking and gambling instincts. His ideal wife will come from overseas as this, again, will reflect his need to be the centre of attention.
    • Female: Tamil Astrology suggest that the girl who has this mark is patient, quietly clever and is not afraid of hard work. She is a good girl, a virtuous lady and knows that, if she is patient, God's blessing will bring fortune for her. Her spouse will come from another province, or another city, and if will be a quick marriage and happy relationship because he will recognize her good qualities.
  • Mole on Top of Left Shoulder:
    • Male: Tamil Astrology says that such a man will be "Mr. Ambition." He is only moderately clever but pushes himself to climb the social ladder. Travelling widely in search of knowledge and higher status. If he is to achieve happiness, he must show great patience and work very hard. This is because his spouse will be a person of opposite talent and disposition so there will often be misunderstanding and quarrels in the marriage.
    • Female: When the female has this mark she will be know because of her virtues. She will have great patient, be scrupulously honest and have high moral standards. she will be a good example to other. such a disposition will bring her happiness as a teenager which mellows into a comfortable middle-age. Unfortunately, old-age will bring some troubles. Perhaps these will be from her husband who has different tastes, is maybe envious of her goodness and often causes quarrels
  • Mole on the Right Shoulder Blade:
    • Male: Sadly, this man does not have the opportunity to enjoy what life has to offer. He has excellent qualities of being hard working and very honest but he is not inspired either in personality or character. Accordingly, his life reflects this insecurity with a mixture of good and bad luck. But he accepts his destiny with patience and is rewarded with happiness and contentment in his latter years. Ideally, this man may marry a girl who lives close to his home or perhaps one who is distantly related to him.
    • Female: The lady who has this mark, also, does not aspire to great things. Not necessarily very clever she is, nevertheless, an honest person who is not afraid of hard work. By nature she is, perhaps, too truthful and this may bring some bad luck to her life. However, fortune will smile again and favor her with joy and peace in later life. This lady will not have to look far for a husband because she will find him in her near neighborhood or within her circle of cousins.

  • Mole on the left Shoulder Blade:
    • Male: How we would all love to be like the man who has such a mark because, to use a word unknown to our Ancient Hermit, he is an "achiever." He is clever, strong of body and mind, a hard worker and always fair in his dealings as he builds his own enterprise. This fairness, and patience, pays dividends by the time he is 40 years of age because his business will be a considerable success and he will grow affluent. His ideal partner will be a lady who shares his ambition and his will support him as wife and mother to a very happy family.
    • Female: This girl has a "calling" - a vocation. An unhappy childhood doesn't turn her bitter as her natural kindness leads her to compassion and understanding of other's needs. She has a great capacity for learning so, as an adult, fortune will be with her as she reaches a level of social status will be with perhaps as a doctor, Nurse or Community worker. Her most suitable husband. Also, will come from the same ranks and will share her ideals of giving and caring.


The chest symbolises power, so a mole here shows high status in society or your profession.


The navel is a treasure point in Indian astrology, so the closer a mole is towards the centre of the stomach, the more auspicious you are or will be.

  • Mole close to Navel:

    • Male: Ancient Tamil Astrology suggests that this man is an enigma. Possibly a successful businessman but yet not displaying any of the qualities which would make him so. Moody, impatient, uncaring of his, or anyone else's, reputation. Certainly polygamous as intimate affairs are regarded as trophies rather than anything of the heart. A fun-seeker who surrounds himself with "friends" but, when he needs moral support, he finds his "friends" have disappeared. This man is not to be envied.
    • Female: In today's world, such a girl would be thought of as a "bimbo" with her head full of candy or sugar-floss. She does not take life seriously as she cannot take herself seriously; a "good time girl" whose attractiveness is determined by the latest fashion craze. A constant string of lovers, none of whom mean anything, will occupy her attention in early life but these will fade in company with her looks. In later life, a faded rose, uncared for and unloved.
  • Mole just below the Navel:

    • Male:So marked, this man will display many of the better life-qualities. Intelligent and very aware of social responsibilities, he will constantly help those in need whether they be relatives or welfare organizations. A genuinely nice and kind man, he must guard against being considered a "soft touch" by those who wish to ingratiate themselves - especially by some insincere ladies who wish to come into his life.
    • Female:This girl will be born into a life of plenty and will reflect all of the better traits of such an upbringing. Intelligent, popular with relatives and friends, hardworking and very attractive, she will not lack for admirers or suitors. However, they will all be rejected in favor of her childhood sweetheart with whom she will marry. A very good marriage will bring forth children to complete her happiness.
  • Mole at Right Waist:

    • Male: This man is a giver rather than a taker which is fortunate as he will rarely be directly rewarded by those he helps. By nature he is clever, sensitive and alert to life's opportunities. Inherent honesty, loyalty and patience will project him into both a successful business and acceptable marriage. If the union produces children, they will bring stability, joy and happiness to the marriage.
    • Female: A lady who possesses great charm and a lively intelligence which leads to strong opinions. Whilst not arrogant, she finds difficulty in accepting the views of others so is regarded as being firm willed. Not frivolous with her heart, she will marry a man who loves her dearly and will be happy to compromise in domestic life. Middle-age will see her business firmly established and this will provide a financially stable future.
  • Mole at Left Waist:

    • Male: This male will be a pillar of the community; with a strong leaning towards religious beliefs he will also reflect justice and fairness for all. Broad-minded to the failings of others, he will do his best to encourage goodness and will mix readily with people of all classes and backgrounds. Humble, self-disciplined and hardworking, he will always perceive the needs of others as greater than his own. Married or not, he will cherish and care for his family community.
    • Female: Such a girl is of the "I want it now" variety and is totally devoid of personal or social responsibility. Opportunities of education and proper employment are ignored which ultimately leads to a life of superficial values. Also, a lack of confidence in her natural beauty will see lavish spending to bolster her attractiveness. Taken advantage of by a series of lovers, she will marry one who will unfortunately pass away. Gullible and without decent reputation she will become part of life's flotsam in later years.


This shows you are skilful, which could make you a lot of money.


This means you are carrying a burden. You will work hard in life, so success is possible. It just takes you longer to get there.

  • Mole at Right Back
    • Male:This man will try anything and is not afraid to accept a new challenge. He is a family man with a good heart for relatives, friends and colleagues. This compassion, coupled with patience, diligence and good vision for future plans, will bring the reward of a successful career by the time he reaches his middle years. He is not in any way pretentious so will reap the high regard, in which he is held, from his family circle and friends.
    • Female:This girl is a pillar of support to her family; by nature she is fair-minded, clever and firm in her decisions. She will make a good marriage and, she and her husband, will remain within her family neighborhood. Enjoying the respect of her family, friends and neighbors, and very happy in her marriage, this lady will lead a comfortable life and be the envy of many others.
  • Mole at Left Back:
    • Male: Unfortunately, this is not one of the better marks to have. This man will be of poor spirit, a poor loser (which he does often) and of violent temper. He has the attitude of "I'm always right" which makes it impossible for him to listen or accept advice. Because of this disposition, he has no true friends and could quite readily turn to pursuits not quite legal. Nevertheless, if he should meet the right lady who instills a steadying influence, he will take her to his heart and do his best with what life has allotted to him.
    • Female:This lady will have problems similar to her male counterpart. With little self respect or confidence, she will be gullible to the extreme. Not keen on anything requiring self-discipline, her short-attention span and lack of ambition will make it difficult for her to keep employment. She will find short-term solace with her many male friends but her hot temper and changeable moods eventually chase them away. An unfortunate drifter through life.

  • Mole on Lower Spine:
    • Male:This guy is a "man of the world" or, at least, thinks he is. Born with strong sexual urges and a "devil may care" attitude, he will parade through life frittering away money and lady-loves with total abandon. Personal employment will provide a steady, if meager, income but in mid-life he will come to depend more on financial assistance from family or friends. A charmer who gets the "sympathy vote" rather than earning anything substantial from his life.
    • Female: A girl so marked should have good opportunities in life because she is clever, intelligent and pays attention to detail. However, she negates these positive qualities by constantly indulging in more frivolous pursuits, She will have many friends, many lovers, perhaps some husbands and children of different fathers. Should she have children, it is possible they will follow their mother's flighty life-style. Nevertheless, she is a popular lady and will be happy to accept help from friends throughout her life.


mole on any part of either leg between the knee and ankle areas shows a careless and indolent nature; a person who possesses a mole in this area will most likely be selfish, lazy, and lacking sympathy towards others.

One on the thigh represents sexuality and someone who is bold and extrovert.

On the calf, it relates to fitness problems, most likely from working too hard.

Those with moley knees — a lucky wealth spot — find it easy to make money

  • Right Knee: Happy marriage, the wedded life will pass easily and smoothly; unhampered by monetary problems or serious stresses.
  • Left Knee: Be more inclined to act without forethought ... and will often have cause to regret this reckless attitude. At heart, though, will be upright and kindly and possess a sympathetic nature.


This signifies you are a nurturing mother and will have a powerful place in society because of it.
In Indian astrology, the success of a mother’s children brings increased power and reputation. A mole on the nipple is a sign your children will do very well in their profession and more generally throughout their lives in love, luck and wealth.


You have the ability to be a good leader if a mole is on your sole. Feet represent travelling or marching and people will be drawn to follow you. It can also signal that you will receive recognition for good deeds.


This part of the body is linked to abundant food and wealth. A mole here signifies a good reputation, generosity and the inclination to help others.

  • Mole Above Buttock Crease:

    • Male: Again, this man is one of life's playboys who loves being a fashion-plate and is proud of his expertise with the ladies. He will earn himself a reputation in this respect which means his initial employment progress will be slow -- he deems his life-style to be more deserving of his attention. However, he will fall in love with a really fine girl, who rapidly brings him to heel, without him truly knowing what has happened. She will be the responsible one in the marriage and he will be the sheep to her shepherdess.
    • Female: Sorry, but this lady is another of life's pawns. Vivacious, attractive and outgoing by nature, she is easily drawn to the high-life. Attracted by, and attractive to, handsome guys who dress well, spend large and have that veneer of education which she perceives as "a cut above". Unfortunately for her, the various men she meets are not interested in her culinary skills or how she tends the garden. They are only interested in the good-time she is offering so she has many heartbreaks. If "Mr. Right" should enter her life, he will be many years her senior but he will lead her to a better understanding of herself and what life has to offer.
  • Mole High on Right Buttock:
    • Male: This man has had a difficult background which is, perhaps, not surprising as there is a lot of negativity in his character. But he does not realize this as he tends to shun work, or anything serious, and go for the easy options. He is not the marrying type so will reside at his parent's home, even during his mature years, as he knows they will take care of him. A "busy bee" as far as the ladies are concerned, he will sample many flowers but, lacking in wisdom and sincerity, he will not know where or when to settle.
    • Female: Such a girl has a great beginning in life with many creature comforts and a circle of good friends. Unfortunately, most friends, and things of value, are eventually squandered due to erratic, emotional behavior. Friends drift away, including boyfriends, as they sense they are being used and money evaporates as tries to cling to a glamorous lifestyle. From great beginnings, the facade of this lady's life slowly crumbles.
  • Mole High on Left Buttock:
    • Male:This is a man who knows more about love than lust. Very definitely against any form of gambling, he is a serious, caring, gentle person whose life will generally run smoothly. He is a devoted husband, maybe a little under active in the marriage bed, who adores his wife and family. Also, as a community worker, he will do all he can to encourage those less fortunate and society, in turn, will grow to recognize him as an important public figure. A good, steady life.
    • Female: Our lady here is a sincere, genuine person but life can play a trick on her. She is a humble, hardworking girl who never wants to be a bother to anyone and, thanks to her industry and diligence, she becomes financially sound with a good reputation for doing her duty. The trick life plays is that, despite all of her excellent qualities, she will have difficulty in finding a husband. She wants this very much, perhaps too much, as her eagerness scares suitors away.
  • Mole Low on Right Buttock:

    • Male:One of nature's nice guys with great charisma and personality. He is popular with male friends as well as the ladies and genuinely enjoys being with other people. In the process, he will win many hearts and sees this pendulum in his life as being something of a challenge. Very positive by nature, a good talker but maybe a little showy, he will find favor with supportive relatives and friends. He also enjoys a good financial return on his efforts and eventually will be a major beneficiary in someone's will. The wisdom of years will allow him to assess his checkered life and he will settle in the domestic situation he finds most comfortable.
    • Female: As per Tamil Astrology nature she is lazy, malicious, selfish, spiteful and cunning. However, on the surface she is pure "Hollywood" travel, fine clothes and gifts from gentlemen friends all come her way because she offers an allure to all who come in contact with her. This person is the proverbial "femme fatale" or "gold digger" and, as it happens, she will inherit handsomely in later life from someone who forgot to change his will.
  • Mole Low on Left Buttock:
    • Male:This individual has great charisma, personality and a lot of luck which almost deserts him in later years. Talented and a hard worker, he thinks positively (especially about himself), confronts problems head on and gradually rises to firm financial security. Ladies seek out his company and he is thoroughly at home as he enjoys the high life of luxury, fashion and his companions. In later life, a "windfall" will come his way (possibly Stocks or Shares) but a bad decision will dramatically reverse his fortune. With just enough left for modest comfort, he will reflect on the "Snakes & Ladders" of life and be at peace with himself.
    • Female: This is a lady who, even if she fell down a sewer, will always smell of roses. By nature, she is intelligent, hardworking and ambitious. She comes from an affluent background which catapults her into a life of success and recognition, however, she is also pretentious, uncaring and given to violent temper tantruns. This makes her many gentleman friends wary of too close an involvement so they tend to regard her as a good time"Bunny Girl". But, despite not having a permanent man in her life, fortunes dictates that she will continue to "laugh all the way to the Bank".

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