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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Orange peel face masks that work wonders for your skin

An orange peel face mask may sound like a strange idea, but it has many benefits to offer to the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C that help tighten and tone the skin, giving it a healthy glow. The citric acid in the orange peel also exfoliates and brightens up your skin. Here are a few orange peel face masks that you can make at home for a radiant look.
How to make orange peel powder:
For making all of these face masks, use sun-dried and powdered orange peels. To make powdered orange peel, wash the orange peel in distilled water. Then spread the peels on a tray and place them in areas which receive plenty of sunshine. Let orange peels dry in the sun for a day or two then crush the peels into a powder using a blender. You can store the powder in an air-tight container.
Orange peel and oatmeal mask to beat acne:
Since the peel is rich in vitamin C, it protects skin from free radical damage, keeps acne at bay and promotes a healthy glowing skin. The oatmeal deep cleanses your pores and drives out any dirt, grime and oil from the surface of the skin.
How to use:
  • Mix 2 teaspoons of orange peel powder with 1 teaspoon oatmeal.
  • Also add 1 teaspoon baking soda to the mixture.
  • Drop in some water until a thick paste is formed.
  • Using your fingertips massage a thick coat of the mixture on your face in a circular motion.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.
  • Using this thrice a week will give you an acne-free skin.
Orange peel and milk face mask to combat dry skin:
The potassium in orange peel hydrates the withered dehydrated skin. Application of the mask also helps to lock in moisture in the skin. Milk pulls out the excess oils from the clogged pores and hydrates and nourishes the skin. 
How to use:
  • In a small bowl, mix 2 teaspoons orange peel powder with 1 teaspoon milk.
  • Also, add 1 teaspoon coconut oil to the mixture.
  • Now apply the mixture on your face and allow it to dry for 15 minutes.
  • Then gently rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.
  • Applying this twice a week will remove the dryness and give a wonderful glow to your skin.
Orange peel and sandalwood mask to prevent wrinkles:
This magical face mask can prove effective in keeping the signs of ageing such as pimples and fine lines at bay. Orange peel is excellent for reducing oxidative stress in skin cells, which in turn helps in maintaining a youthful glowing skin. The calcium sandalwood helps in the renewal of the worn out cells and prevent DNA damage. 
How to use:
  • Mix 2 teaspoons orange peel powder with 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder.
  • Now add some rose water to it to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply it on your face and neck and let it settle for half an hour.
  • Then wash it with water and wipe off with a soft cloth.
  • Use this twice a week for a youthful and glowing skin.
Orange peel and honey mask to reduce blemishes:
Orange peel has natural bleaching properties which helps lighten spots. Honey has powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and moisturising properties which hydrate and nourish the skin. 
How to use:
  • Mix 2 teaspoons orange peel powder with 1 teaspoon organic honey.
  • Also add 1 teaspoon yogurt to the mixture and combine it well.
  • Clean your face with water and apply a thick coat of the mixture on your face.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse your face gently with cold water. Pat dry with a towel.
  • You can then use coconut oil or olive oil on your face to combat dryness.
  • Follow this routine twice a week to see the spots disappearing.
Orange peel and multani mitti mask for removing tan:
The orange peel and multani mitti, or fuller’s earth, mask removes tan, giving an even skin complexion. Orange peel will lighten the skin and fuller’s earth will soothe the irritated skin.
How to use:
  • Mix 1 tablespoon orange peel powder with 1 tablespoon multani mitti.
  • Then add 2 teaspoons milk to it to get a fine paste.
  • Apply this on your face and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it off with cold water.
  • Using this mask, every alternate day will help you to quickly get rid of the tan.

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